Go Fast Racing League has suspended operations indfinately. This is due to lack of interest from drivers, who only want to race when there is a broadcast. There is no consideration that this gets expensive for the league admins.

Message from League Founder Skyler Allen:

In light of the recent announcement by Jeff that GFRL will be suspending operations immediately, I wanted to pop in here and say a few things.

1st To the guys who have been around since the beginning. Thank you. More than anything GFRL has given me some lasting friendships that I made on track, that endure off track today.

2nd. This is the hard pill to swallow. Everyone wants something out of a league. 90% of people want broadcasts. And that is great. Except it gets expensive. Without help to cover these costs, its financially draining. I endured this cost for 2 years and about a quarter of the 3rd. Literally thousands spent in broadcast fees, trophies, and payouts. With minimal help from those racing. And when things got tough and the broadcasts stopped, the core group of guys that started racing here left. We often would try and solicit donations and few would offer to help. Its frustrating that people would rather have broadcasts that good, quality racing. Its really unfortunate too. So many people put so much effort into this league, with many great drivers from all walks of life, locations, ect. But because there was to be no more broadcasts, most left.

3rd. For the better part of 2 years, I looked forward to race night. The friendships, the competition, and doing something I enjoyed. You guys made it fun and exciting.

To each and every driver who ever raced with GFRL thank you, and I wish you the very best moving forward as you find a new place to race.

(Side note: The frustrations expressed here in are in no way the view point of Jeff. This is strictly my ending comments. Jeff did a great job trying to make a go at keeping the league afloat. I have nothing but respect for Jeff, and do not want to confuse anyone into thinking that my comments and thoughts are his.)

---Skyler, Founder GFRL
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